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Prince George
North Central Seniors Association

Photo Club Guidelines


The purposes of the NCSA Photo Club are to:

  1. Have fun with cameras and photography
  2. Learn from each other and others to improve our photographic skills
  3. Enjoy the social contacts that the group provides

Bringing images to the club, and providing images for viewing, implies that comments are invited. But before images are shown the author of the images will be asked specifically what they want.

The purposes of viewing our images in a group are to:

  1. Help the author of the image to improve his or her skills in a positive and objective way. Therefore, subjective comments are not acceptable. E.G. "What a great shot. I hate landscapes, That's beautiful, That shot is crap. These types of comments can be ego boosting or ego damaging to the author, and they provide no useful information for improving skills
  2. To provide a learning opportunity for all club members by discussing and commenting on the images
  3. To provide honest feedback without being negative in our comments
  4. To provide a venue for social interaction

Definition of Critique
Review of somebody's work: a written or broadcast assessment of something, usually a creative work, with comments on its good and bad qualities. The members of this club agree that this is not our purpose in viewing images as a group, but rather those as stated above

By Bob D'Auray

This page was last updated April 1, 2014.
by mb